Sports Federation of Southern Finland, ESLU, is a versatile contributor to sports and sports club activity and a coordinator of cooperation. ESLU develops its action by the needs of the area by operating as an organization of promotion of interests, cooperation, development, and service. The operation’s essential focus is supporting and strengthening the vitality of sports club and civic action. The goal is to enhance the success requirements of sports clubs and other local sports operators.

ESLU produces and develops sports services with a wide cooperation network. The most important cooperation actors are Ministry of Education and Culture, sports regions, the new Olympic committee and in local state Regional State Administrative Agencies, sports clubs and municipalities. In addition, ESLU cooperates with member organizations and other civic associations and cooperation partners.

In metropolitan area ESLU is:

  • The developer of social network
  • The innovator and coordinator of education action
  • The guardian and service organization of sports and sports club action

Field of operation:

  • Children and youth’s sports
  • Adults’ health and fitness activities
  • Sports club and organization action

The mutual values are considered in all action – ESLU is easily approached, up-to-date, quality specialist and cooperation partner that fulfills the ethical principles of sports society.